SUBMERGED Student Ministry


Our Submerged Youth service is every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm.  We would love to see you there, so what are you waiting for…our student ministry and more specifically our main meeting each Wednesday evening are intense nights of worship through singing, teaching, and small groups.  The name has taken on two distinct meanings.  First, it is an invitation from Jesus Himself to come dive in faith into the life that is found in Him alone.  The second meaning is for believers who desire to go deeper in their faith in God.  We commonly refer to this as going deeper in worship, deeper in Scripture, deeper in relationships, deeper in knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known, you get the idea!  We go through a Bible Study series together every 4-6 weeks, but each week also stands on its own.

On Sunday nights, we prepare our students for ministry through discipleship. Discipleship is our time of training from God’s word.  We spend time studying and discussing God’s word each week at 6:00pm.  We want to know the Bible because we want to know Jesus Christ.  We believe all of Scripture is pointing us to our Savior.  We spend this time not only studying the Bible but in learning how to study the Bible.


AWANA is a fun, high-energy ministry that encourages kids to know Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him. Every part of AWANA—Bible stories, Scripture memory, life application and recreation—all connect to teach life lessons to kids.

What is AWANA and its purpose?
AWANA is a fun, high-energy ministry that encourages kids to know Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him. All parts of TeamKID—Bible stories, Scripture memory, life application, missions, and recreation—connect to teach life lessons to kids.    What is the TeamKID Club?
A TeamKID Club is a group of 30 or fewer children led by a head coach and at least one coach who use the TeamKID resources to enhance spiritual growth. The resources provide churches with many suggestions and ideas about setting up and running a TeamKID club.  Why is the KID capitalized in TeamKID?   The KID stands for Kids in Discipleship. Discipline children is the goal of TeamKID.

image277Connecting God with Our Families    We decided to name our Parent/Volunteer newsletter “Life Connections” and for good reason.  It represents what we hope will happen in each of your lives and families.  First, I pray that you will connect with true life, found only in Jesus Christ.  Jesus said  in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”.  He asserted later in John 14 that He was the way, the truth and the LIFE.  If we really want to know what life is, we must connect with the source of life.  We must also connect with each other’s lives, starting with our family.  With the busyness of our schedules and the demands of life it certainly becomes difficult to maintain communication within a family and spend quality time together.  These relationships are so crucial that they must be given time and effort.  But what about the church family?  That is the third area of connection into which we must pour our lives.  A church family can come alongside you and strengthen your faith and your family.  No one was meant or designed to go through life’s struggles alone.  First Baptist is a place where you can come without fear of being judged and know that others are dealing with similar life issues.  Even more importantly, we can pursue the true life of Jesus Christ as a church family and see him transform our lives.

Child Care   1)  Birth to 18 months of age  2)   Babies/Nursery, Toddlers (3&4 years old),   3)  5years old or preschoolers    That is our three age groups.  We provide crafts, Bible studies, and games, and sometimes snacks to our children during the worship services not only allowing the parents time to worship with other adults, but provides the children an environment full of love and the opportunity to learn about God with the other children in their class.  They make friends that are long lasting in these classes.  The atmosphere is one of not only love but fun!  We take great care in providing not only a clean environment, but also one that is inviting and fun for our children.   We realize it is hard for new parents to leave their children with strangers.  We encourage you to stop by and meet your children’s teacher.

image1120We do several mission projects throughout the year and short term mission trips during the summer.  In 2015, we ministered at several different churches and locations in Cincinnati, OH. In 2016-2018 we will return to Cincinnati, OH to continue our work in partnership with the local churches there.  Call the church office for more information.


ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS have submitted and/or  undergo a background investigation before they are allowed to work or stay with our children, in any capacity.  Your child’s safety is very important to us.  

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