Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Bible Study/Prayer Time:   6:30-7:30PM,  Prayer and Bible Study.  Pastor Mike brings God’s word to an understanding level for all believers in God, a level that we can use and carry with us every day and apply those principles in our lives. Prayer Time: We take ALL prayer requests seriously.  Before we take them to our Lord, we need to know who we are talking to and who we are taking our prayers to… Jesus, Messiah, Almighty God, Lord, Father, Abba.  He is Holy, He is Glorious, He is OUR GOD! If you have questions or a prayer request, please call the church office so we can pray for you.

Choir Practice:  7:30-8:30   If you have ever wanted to sing or just would like to help us sing our Christmas music, we would love to have you!  We have a wonderful time singing to the LORD!  We sing for HIS Glory!  Our goal is to lead our congregation with songs of worship and praise.  It is okay if you do not know how to read music.  If you like to sing, come check us out, we welcome everyone.  Do you play an instrument?  Pastor Todd Austin, our Music Minister, would like to hear from you too.  We are always looking for new talent being provided to us by the Lord.  If you have any questions, contact Todd Austin or call the office for more information!


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