Other: Library; Activity Building; Raceway Ministries

LIBRARY:  Sunday 9-10:30AM; &  6-7:15PM and Wednesdays:  6 – 7:00PM. Our church has one of the largest Libraries in the area with over 1300 books and is constantly updating the shelves with the newest books available.  Bobby Joe Stewart, the head librarian, knows a good book!  You can find the most popular adult, youth, and easy books for children.  Are you going to school?  Do you need a reference book?  See if the Library has it first before you purchase it.  Looking for a comedy?  Christian Instruction?    Do you have Movie Night??  Are you an avid reader?  Would you like to read a book before it goes on the shelf for others to read to ensure it is what your library should be putting on the shelf.   What about your Sunday School Class (need a book)?  Discipleship Training?  If you have a need for a class, stop in and ask; if it is not in our library, we can get it.

 NOW ALL WE NEED IS YOU to stop in and see what your library has to offer…             Don’t forget to check out the WINDOW!  A special “Thank You” to the ladies who decorate it.  Do you know what is in the WINDOW now?

Activities Building.  First Baptist Church has an activities building which includes our gym.  This facility is available for special events/occasions such as weddings, receptions, family dinners, birthday luncheons and/or parties, class meetings, and much more.

Bristol Raceway Ministries.  Thank YOU to the wonderful volunteers who help put together over 1500 home baked bodacious cookies for the race fans during the Spring and Fall races.  These cookies are made for Chapel on Wheels campground directed by Tom Jarrell, through which our church is blessed to be able to participate in the greatest MISSION FIELD twice a year.  Bristol Raceway Ministries is always looking for people willing to give their time and services to help during those two most important weeks for reaching thousands of people.  Contact the church office 423-538-7922 for further information.

Other: FBC is an Evangelizing Mission oriented church.  How can we bless our community if we have no one who follows God’s word that says “GO FORTH and be disciples ……

FBC wants YOU to  “get involved” in your church.  How about volunteering for an empty position? You may find that you are Blessed beyond belief.   For further information about what is going on in our church or have an idea for our church to become involved in, call the church office 423-538-7922.

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